1) Do I need to make an appointment to look around the nursery?

No appointment is necessary. We have an open door policy you can come along anytime you please. To see the nursery day at its most active and , you may wish to avoid between the hours of 12 & 2pm our lunch and sleep time. By doing so will give you an excellent opportunity to see how the nursery runs. Although by making an appointment allows the nursery Managers to  free themselves from duties, to give you as much time as possible to see and ask as much as you want.

2) What is included in the fees? i.e. breakfast, lunch, snacks, snack tea?

All meals, snacks and drinks are included you must provide your Child’s Milk Feeds, nappies, wipes, nappy creams, toothbrush and tooth paste. For Babies ,milk feeds must be provided and prepared ready for use either made up or measured water and powder for us to mix together when required. All meals are homemade and dietary requirements can be catered for  we have a 2 week rotational menu (you can provide your childs meals if you wish)

3) What is the method of payment and do I have to pay for holidays and    sickness?

You can pay weekly, monthly in advance by cheque, cash, Childcare voucher or via your bank by standing order. You will have to pay for holidays and sickness as you are purchasing your Childs place over a fee paying 51 weeks a year. There is a fee free period of 1 week during Christmas closure. Nursery Closure dates are on the parents notice board.

4) What ratio of staff to children is there?

For under 2 the ratio are 1:3, for 2-3 yrs the ratio’s are 1:4 and 3-8yrs are 1:8.

5) Are all staff qualified and how many hold first aid certificates?

All our staff are qualified. Each room has at least one member of staff at level 3 or equivalent and holds a first aid certificate. Everyone who works within the Nursery have to be police DBS checked and cleared prior to working in the nursery.

6) Will a particular member of staff be responsible for my child?

We aim to make settling in as gentle and welcoming as possible. Your child will get to know all staff in their room and when they find a bond, feel safe and comforted with a member of staff they then will be given this person as their key person who will greet, feed, change and have quality time with them.  This person will also be there for you  to tell you about your childs day and available for anything you may wish to discuss. At Willow House Day Nursery we think it is very important that a child chooses their own key      person.  Generally decided who they warm to during visits when starting the nursery or progressing to another room. Another key person will also be    chosen to ensure your child is with someone they are     comfortable with at all times due to shift changes and staff holidays.

7) How do you help children to settle in the nursery and in to a new room?

We aim to make settling in as gentle and welcoming as possible. Through small visits to the nursery the first an accompanied  visit with a parent or carer for an hour visit. At this first meeting you will meet the staff in the room and they will ask as much as possible to get to know you and your child. The second visit will be an hour unaccompanied. Every child and parent is different ,some parents find it more difficult leaving their child than the child does  or vice versa and that’s natural. For this reason we are happy to arrange more visits till everyone is happy and comfortable. When your child starts nursery, you are more than  welcome to ring as many times as you wish its not uncommon and many      parents don’t like to bother us. You are going through a natural process and if you feel like ringing please ring.

When your child is ready to move on to the next room, we will discuss with         parents and will introduce staff from the new room into your child’s existing room so that your child can feel happy, safe and secure, excepting the new      members of staff in their own familiar surroundings.  Once we are sure your child is happy with some familiar faces, we then progress the transition           accompanied by their main key person into the new  room environment. After several  visits and when your child has created a bond with a person in the new room, they become your child’s main key person and the transition into the next room will take place. We only ever move your child when both the child and parents are happy to.

8) Do you accept Early Years Education Grant? (Two, Three and four year olds only) 

Some two year olds can claim up to 15 hours a week free childcare. To check if you may be eligible please  ask the Nursery Manager. All children aged Three and above can claim 15 hours per week during term time.  We have flexible hours to suit. Please ring for more details.

9) How do you maintain relationships with parents?

We have an ‘open door’ policy and are eager to keep a good relationship with parents. At the end of each day we give out a personalised verbal and written  hand over sheet, given by one of your child’s key persons. This allows parents to see what their child has eaten and activities they have been doing that day.

If you wish for more detail we also have a communication book where we can write in observations and little notes to keep in touch with parents. Your child will take this home every day and return it to nursery the next day, Parents are encouraged to use this book to again leave their own observations, questions or notes.

A senior member of staff is always available for any concerns a parent may have and we are happy to take phone calls at anytime if it helps put them at ease knowing their child is happy and settled. Often parents find leaving their child more upsetting than the child does. We also have parent’s evenings, a newsletter and parents information board.

10) How will I know my child is developing and meeting their learning goals expectant of their age?

Every Child has a personal file called learning journey, a  story of their time at nursery for those moments you don’t get to see in their time at nursery. A record of photos and observations a termly tracker ,evidence to support their      achievements and expected learning goals for their age.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) a curriculum specifically for children ages 0-5 years. The learning Journey is  available for you to look at anytime and at parents evening.



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