We have 5 bright and airy playrooms Baby Room, Toddler Room Infant room, a Pre-School Classroom and Out of school Room.  We do not put an age range on our rooms as we very much feel that movements into other rooms should be on ability and the capabilities of each child, as every child is unique in their own way, although we do have a rough guide of ages in the classrooms and ratios are maintained as per governed standards by children s age. Discussions with parents and key persons on a regular basis will determine when to move up into the next room.

  • Baby Room
  • Toddler Room
  • Infants Room
  • Pre-School Class
  • Out of school Room
  • Fabulous Outdoor space – A baby garden, Carpeted play area and Sensory Garden


Bathroom & Changing Facilities

All our rooms have changing facilities and Our infant room has its own toilet and changing station.

The Pre-school Room & School room have a bathroom.

We are keen to encourage children to have independence in the bathroom  there is always a member of staff close by to help out and the children know the importance of  hygiene and also brush their teeth after their main meal of the day


Children with Special Needs

The Nursery is keen to integrate children with special needs and we aim to provide facilities and resources that can effectively meet the needs of any individual child.

Additional Features

  • We have a weekly library where children can choose any book they desire and activity sheets to enjoy at home together with parents, siblings and grandparents.


  • Some Children do wear our nursery uniform although this is not essential.  It does however prevent spoiling of good clothing with paint, messy play and similar activities.


  • We have as much physical activity on a daily basis as possible. Children in our Pre-school have a P.E day which helps them prepare for school where they have to change to participate.


  • We will also be provide swimming lessons for our over 3’s. This has been a great success and have limited places (additional Fee applies)



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