About us

About us

Our homely surroundings assist in the transition between home and nursery. Our priorities are the physical, emotional, intellectual, social wellbeing and development of the children in our care.

The principle aim of the Nursery is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environments in a rural setting where children can learn and develop positively as individuals and benefit from the care the Nursery has to offer.

At Willow House we recognise that parents need to feel confident and comfortable with the child care that they choose. To ensure this, your child will have a special person, a key person who will be there for their needs and will work with you to plan care and provide feedback about their activities at nursery. We operate an “open door” policy, this means that parents can discuss any aspect of their child’s care or development at any time with your child’s key person or anyone of our management team.

Willow House is keen to make a strong bond between parents and the Nursery. We hold parents evenings and open days and issue a Nursery Newsletter. We also have an information board that will keep parents up to date with nursery issues.

Each child has their own communication book, which helps us and parents to keep in touch. We also have a family room, where parents can access, leaflets on local events and activities and information on child development, we also lend out resources to allow parents to continue nursery activities at home.


“Friendly and approachable staff who give lots of time and care.” Eve Rapley

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